Aims and Services

SDW’s Mission:

Promote health freedom in the public conscience and in legislation.

Increase public awareness of relevant peer-reviewed literature and the discrepancies in the narrative of “official sources” on vaccination.

Strengthen followers’ confidence in advocating for bodily autonomy and natural immunity.

Kindle curiosity and cultivate discussion . . . science is never settled!

Public Lectures on Vaccine-related Topics

SDW is located in Northern Nevada, and lectures regularly to the public for free in her area. If you want to be invited to these events, let her know. They are a great opportunity to bring friends and family members who are still on the fence or adamantly in support of any/all vaccines. Get them there, and it will be a learning and growing experience for all. Questions and discussion welcome.

SDW has been invited to a podcast interview by Angie’s Option GRM. Link to the podcast will be shared on the blog as soon as it is available!

Contact her here if you are interested to invite her to come out for a speaking engagement in your area.

Unsettled: Vaccine Science

SDW’s potent and accessible video course and booklet is in the process of creation. All claims will be richly substantiated by the most relevant and up-to-date peer-reviewed literature on vaccination. Jump start important discussions on vaccination with the skeptics in your life.

If you are interested in this course and booklet, let SDW know and she will get you on the email list to be the first to know when it is released to the public!

10% of all proceeds will be donated to charities that help to bring clean water to communities in need.

Release date TBA!

SDW’s Platform:



Pro-Acting According to Conscience

Pro-Informed Consent



Pro-Respectful Discourse

Pro-Natural Immunity

Pro-Personal Responsibility

What others have to say about SDW. . .

“My go-to. . .”

“Jami is my go-to for quality, sound, peer-reviewed, empiracle data surrounding any question regarding vaccination, including data and reports from the CDC and the NIH.”


“Very impressed by her expertise!”

I’ve witnessed Jami’s presentations and also participated in less formal forums she’s led, and her work rivals the quality and in-depth knowledge of a PhD dissertation defense. Spending the equivalent of 3 months living at hospitals, I’ve only met a couple medical experts who ask the kinds of crucial questions that Jami does.


“She has a passion for truth . . .”

“Jami asks hard questions and she is not afraid of hard to swallow answers. She is able to communicate complex ideas and data in a comprehensive and actionable way. She has a passion for truth and she shares her findings in a caring way.”


Dare to ask the hard questions . . .

Investigate for yourself what Skeptical Doctor’s Wife has to say!