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Welcome friends and skeptics! My name is Jami Hepworth. I am Skeptical Doctor’s Wife! I have always been a truth seeker, but the truth about vaccines was one that found me instead of the other way around.

Four years ago, I discovered with the tip of a friend, that some vaccines contain cell-lines derived from aborted babies. This was repulsive to me as a pro-life advocate and mother. How had I not known this information before I had agreed to vaccinate my children?! This ignited a sustained passion in me to research everything I ever thought I knew about vaccines. What I discovered shocked me even further. Not only were there moral issues, but there were significant safety concerns with vaccines, too. And the stories we have been told about the necessity of and victory over death attributed to vaccination were not in line with data presented on official government sites.

With my husband being an M.D. you might correctly imagine that my increasingly unorthodox views according to the Western medicine paradigm have presented a bit of a rocky road for us. They certainly did. But traveling this road has made me an exceptional truth advocate, steeped in knowledge of the most relevant peer-reviewed literature and the gaps in the story about vaccines as shared by official sources.

I hope it has also made me more compassionate to those who feel torn between loyalties and old traditions and beliefs. Fear, new needs, and unanswered questions arise after proceeding to make a paradigm shift toward new understandings of the evidence at hand. I know how difficult and uncomfortable that can be. You are brave to be open to it. It does—by the way—get better.

I can’t possibly know what your conclusions will be after reviewing the information I have gathered to share with you, but I have great hope you will be better informed to make your own educated decision on the subject than before you visited my site. And hopefully, encouraged to speak up for health freedom! There is plenty of room for disagreement on this subject. Let’s protect bodily sovereignty, and our natural human rights to act on conscience and reason.


Jami Hepworth

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